Although Trans people have a long way to go to change hearts and minds in the UK, it is a sobering thought that for many around the world it can be a life threatening experience to express a true gender identity.

Reading this article from the Express Tribune was very humbling and to witness what some people have to go through just to be who they are is heart rendering.

“Even after roaming the entire day on the streets, we are still ridiculed and laughed at. People do not usually like to give money to us as much as they would choose to help an underprivileged child or a homeless mendicant. We often have to resort to other means of making money, even if that means letting go of our morals. There are times when we aren’t able to enjoy a good night’s meal, even after an entire day of dancing on wet floors.”

Granted, the Supreme Court ruling in 2011 has given transgender people the right to vote and to attain a National Identity Card (NIC) of their own, a right that had been denied to them for the past 64 years. However, this is only a small fraction of what is essentially needed in our society at the moment. A mere identity card has not been able to provide these individuals with the rights they deserve. Such individuals are often abandoned by their relatives and immediate families at a very early age. The ones, who aren’t, wilfully leave their houses in search for a place that would actually own them, a place they could refer to as home.

My challenge to change Pension rights which is going to the Supreme Court in May seems to be in better perspective